Twist 60 ARF

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Due Late May, 2018

The Twist™ 3D 60 ARF is part of Hangar 9’s complete line of top-quality aircraft and accessories.

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Key Features
  • Proven Sport 3D design
  • Electric Power option
  • Bolt-together design with control surfaces prehinged
  • Top-quality balsa and ply construction
  • Attractive Hangar 9 Ultracote trim scheme
Product Specifications
54.75 in (1391mm)
Overall Length:
56.6 in (1438mm)
Wing Area:
992 sq in (64 sq dm)
Flying Weight:
6.5-7.5 lb (2.9-3.4 kg)
Engine Size:
(glow version) .60-75 2-stroke; .91-1.00 4-stroke
Motor Size:
(electric version) Power 60 outrunner (EFLM4060A)
4 channels w/5 servos (4 servos for electric version)
Trim Scheme Colors:
Black (HANU874), Grey (HANU882), White (HANU870), True Red (HANU866)
Spinner Size:
2.50 inch
Speed Control :
Castle Creations Phoenix-80 brushless ESC (CSEPHX80)
Recommended Battery:
(electric version) 2 Thunder Power 4200mAh 3S2P Li-Po battery packs (THP42003S2PPL)

3D doesn't get any more fun, or convenient, than this. The Twist 3D 60 ARF from Hangar 9 is a versatile aerobatic aircraft that lets you fly any way you want, whether you’re into glow fuel or electric. It includes an electric power option with all necessary hardware included. No conversion is necessary, so you can go electric right from the start.

From knife-edge to harriers, flat spins to hovers, the Twist 3D 60 has the 3D moxie you demand and, with its bold electric power option and bolt-together assembly, the convenience and reliability you trust from Hangar 9.


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